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We are always looking out for people who would like to join us in any way they can. This year we are planning a number of events as part of our ongoing campaign to reform international policy towards ayahuasca so that indigenous people can be involved in the safe and respectful use of their traditional medicine.

Early next year we will be returning to Putumayo to finish our documentary and we are looking for people who are interested in joining us.

We are especially looking for professionals and academics in the fields of:

Medicine, Environmental Science, Education, Film, Photography, Art, Journalism and Human Rights.

If you feel like you can help us out with this project and would like to lend a hand we’d love to hear from you!

Also, due to the considerable expense involved in organising an expedition to make a documentary in the Amazon, any financial contributions would also be greatly appreciated!

Please send any emails of enquiry/love/support to:

You can find us on Facebook at:

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