About us

dsc09685 (2)In September 2014 Lesly and Neil went to the World Ayahuasca Conference in Ibiza and met Heiner Dorfler from Germany, Filippos Anagnostopoulos from Greece and David Gellman from California. Over the next few months they devised a plan to travel to Putumayo in Colombia and make a documentary about the yage-drinking indigenous groups who live there. In March of this year they were joined by Sean Lovell from England and began the trip. The documentary project is ongoing and out of it has been born Ancestral Seeds a non-profit organisation based in the UK working to conserve the ancestral knowledge of the indigenous groups of the Colombian Amazon.



Our main aim is to act as a bridge between these indigenous communities and western societies by raising and managing financial resources for the funding of various educational and cultural projects designed to conserve their traditional knowledge.

Taita Isaias Mavisoy preparing the Yage.
Taita Isaias Mavisoy preparing the Yage.

Our secondary function is to raise awareness about the various threats faced by these indigenous groups to their traditional medicine as a result of its growing commercialisation and to advocate the reform of international policy so that indigenous ancestral medicine may be accessed legally and safely.

Rio Pepino, Mocoa.
Rio Pepino, Mocoa.


Our dream is to achieve international recognition for our work in support of the indigenous groups of the Colombian Amazon to conserve their ancestral knowledge through the provision of financial resources to various educational and cultural projects.

Indigenous reserve of Ukumary Kankhe.
Indigenous reserve of Ukumary Kankhe.

We aim to expand our activities throughout the western world by raising awareness about the realities affecting these indigenous groups in order to work together with other organisations and individual representatives to facilitate a process of international cooperation.



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